So very tired of being sick

From the breakneck ferocity of their essential debut ‘Violence Violence‘, to their 2010 underground landmark ‘Rohnert Park’, to albums for venerable indie stalwart Matador Records and beyond, CEREMONY fearlessly and unalterably expanded the sonic, lyrical, and aesthetic possibilities of what could be considered “hardcore punk”, and left a deep, indelible mark on music that is more evident today than ever.

Their most recent album, the critically-acclaimed In The Spirit World Now, was released in 2019 on Relapse Records, and followed with 2022’s Vanity Spawned By Fear 12” single.

CEREMONY recently celebrated their classic album ‘Rohnert Park’ with a sold out concert at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, CA. The Palladium marked CEREMONY’s first full performance in nearly a year and a half, following a mythical surprise set at 2023’s Sound And Fury Festival, and tours with TURNSTILE, GEL, and SPY.