It’s me versus the black hole at the center of galaxy 

"The first songs were like a diary for me." Molly Nilsson began writing her first songs with a keyboard she had borrowed from her flatmate. "I was manic and wrote 60 songs in two months alone." Her songs are created as home recordings on a laptop instead of in expensive studios and are characterised by a certain lo-fi charm, with songs that move between synthwave and darkwave. Molly moved from Stockholm to Berlin at the age of 19. Here she also worked behind the bar at Berghain and released her debut These Things Take Time in 2008, initially only as a CD-R, on her own label Dark Skies Association. When John Maus covered her song "Hey Moon!" in 2011 in 2011, she also became known in the USA. But after John Maus took part in the storming of the Capitol in Washington in 2021, she distanced herself from Maus and released "Hey Moon!" as a download and vinyl single in order to donate all the proceeds of the release to Black Lives Matter as a staunch Antifa supporter.

2021 sees the release of her eighth album "Extreme", which is also a new beginning for her. After the previous album "Twenty Twenty", she fell into a kind of creative depression, which was also triggered by the routine of record-tour-record-tour. On "Extreme", Molly Nilsson presents herself as versatile as never before and expands her spectrum with noisy guitars that are sometimes reminiscent of shoegaze heroes such as Jesus & The Mary Chain and even surprises with jazz lounge on "Follow Your Leader". In addition to her personal feelings, she also repeatedly addresses socio-political issues in her lyrics. In her artistic work, the Berliner-by-choice attaches great importance to independence. She shoots her videos herself, releases her records herself and takes care of all the artwork and booking.