My main interests with it are to showcase raw underground & unknown artists alongside some more established artists to help feed off each other and keep things fresh.

SARIN is an audio/video and electronic music performance project based out of Berlin and originally hailing from Toronto, Canada. He has had over a dozen 12” releases on various international record labels, such as Aufnahme + Wiedergabe, BITE, as well as on his own X-IMG platform. His current collaborative projects consist of General Dynamics (with Qual), Human Performance Lab (with Matt Cangiano), Devikorps (with Huren/Teste). Destructive percussion & cold synths coupled with laser focused sampling and media manipulation form the basis of his signature syncopated and mind altering sound. His background in audio/video art, developed while studying in Toronto & through his work with the “Videodrome” artist group, seeks a modern application of the Gysin & Burroughs cut-up technique and is still applied in equal parts to his sonic output.